What Happened? We also allege that Direxion attracted investors with these funds as tempting and seemingly safe alternatives to stocks. Direxion did not fully disclose the need for the investment to be flipped within the same day’s trading. Why Didn’t This Work? We allege that Direxion has touted its “simple” model, and that its funds operate successfully based on an objective mathematical approach.  We allege the problem with the Funds, however, is that the math does not add up and the products do not perform.  In short, we allege mathematically, the Funds do not work for multiple reasons, but the key is that holding onto any of these Funds for more than one day virtually assured investor losses. Can I Get My Money Back? Investors who have lost money because they invested in these funds, without the benefit of full disclosure, may have an opportunity to recover their losses through a lawsuit brought against Direxion by Gilman and Pastor LLP. We are working to recover investors’ losses in these funds. We have a 30-year record of achievement in protecting investors and consumers. Your Rights At Stake Are Time-Sensitive:  You Must Act Now! In order to protect your rights and have a chance at recovering your losses, you must contact us now. Please have your transaction data available for review. Call 1-888-252-0048 or fill out the form below. If you are an ordinary investor who lost $100,000 or more in the Direxion ERY fund or other Direxion, funds, please contact us.
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